Spotlight Interview James Conner

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James is an all-round musician with great talent read more about him


Q1. Provide a short bio about yourself
I have been playing guitar and singing for around 20 years now. I will pick up any instrument and try make a tune with it. I have studied music performance and promotion to HND level. I've been in countless bands over the years but I'm relatively happy playing solo. No one else to rely on or let you down.

Q2. People would be surprised to know what about you/
I like the music created by N Sync

Q3. Favourite place to gig?
Taproom or Barrocco. The crowd are always up for it

Q4. Biggest music influence?
Billy Joel

Q5. Favorite current song?
Sia cheap thrills

Q6. Favourite heckle at gigs?
"One more song"

Q7. One item you would couldn’t live without?
My guitar obviously

Q8. Song you are requested to play the most?
Oasis folk love them and always sing along