Spotlight Interview with Alessandro Loiacono

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Get to know our very own Italian Musician Alessandro. Enjoying reading all about him.


Q1. Provide a short bio about yourself
I'm an Italian singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist also known as "Ale Loy" and "Zero Cinque". I currently live in Glasgow.
In Italy I've released two albums, done many gigs and won some music competitions using the stage name "Zero Cinque".
In 2014 I moved in the UK to start a more ambitious and international solo project named "Ale Loy". Here I have captured the attention of the Bristolian label "Jack Of All Records", which released my first Ale Loy album: "Wake Up Early". I produce music in my own studio based in Glasgow and I gig with a live band.
I also perform acoustic sets in pubs and restaurants as a side project for Connect Entertainment.

Q2. People would be surprised to know what about you
I got rid of an entire music studio to move in Glasgow with no more than a suitcase, some savings and zero friends to pursue my music career. With that money I paid six months of rent and bought a second hand guitar. Alongside to that guitar I've started busking every day between Glasgow and Edinburgh to earn my living. One day while I was busking someone asked me to do a gig together just to try. One thing led to another and here I am, right now, doing gigs in gorgeous Scottish restaurants, producing music in a much better studio and releasing records for an English label.

Q3. Favourite place to gig?
The next venue.

Q4. Biggest music influence?

Q5. Favorite current song?
There is something about "Caledonia" of Dougie MacLean that really express my willing to see new places and the missing of the places that I've left behind.

Q6. Favourite heckle at gigs?
"Do you do request?"


"Then F*ck off!!!"

It didn't happen to me and it's also a bit of a classic, but still let me think twice before to go for a request.

Q7. One item you would couldn’t live without?

Q8. Song you are requested to play the most?
Surprisingly Wonderwall and not one of my own songs :) (...yet!!!)