Spotlight interview with Kieran Ferguson

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An absolute success story, Kieran has worked with our Trust from the age of 12....

Q1. Provide a short bio about yourself
With his unique Scottish/country/pop style, Kieran has entertained audiences all over Scotland and Europe.
From Pubs and Clubs to Headline shows and Festival Areanas, Kieran has performed way over a thousand shows.
Whether he's with his 8 piece band or on his own with his guitar, Kieran will always leave an audience wanting more.

Q2. People would be surprised to know what about you
I can't cook to save a life

Q3. Favourite place to gig?
Anywhere thats up for a party

Q4. Biggest music influence?
Dr hook

Q5. Favorite current song?
Ed sheeran supermarket flowers

Q6. Favourite heckle at gigs?
"Play something you know"

Q7. One item you would couldn’t live without?
Monster Energy Drink (not endorsed lol)

Q8. Song you are requested to play the most?