Spotlight Interview with Marc Rooney

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Find out more about the enigma that is Marc Rooney by reading his interview.

Q1. Provide a short bio about yourself
My name is Marc Rooney and I'm a singer/songwriter from the East End of Glasgow.I traverse the highways and byways of this land hoping to meet decent people.

Q2. People would be surprised to know what about you
My maw made me take line dancing in primary school and I enjoyed it.It made me the man I am today

Q3. Favourite place to gig?
The Avenue Bishopbriggs

Q4. Biggest music influence?
David Bowie

Q5. Favorite current song?
The Moving On song by Ewan MacColl

Q6. Favourite heckle at gigs?
"Show us where ye pish fae"

Q7. One item you would couldn’t live without?
My long suffering IPhone4

Q8. Song you are requested to play the most?
Sweet Caroline